Halong Bay Kayaking

Kayaking is not only giving you health, but it also is an opportunity for you to conquer and self-discovery, exploring the beauty of nature.halong kayaking.jpg

Kayaking is an activity in the tour when you travel in Halong bay, this activity appeared in 1990 for the tourists who like advanture. Nowaday, it is an very popular, amazing and safe activity for tourist in Halong bay. It’s very easy to control and drive your kayak. You will have real feeling when  you discover Halong bay by yourself on a kayak for 2 people and explore  the limestone caves on the sea,inside the limestone mountain...you can touch a thousand of stalactites inside the cave and admire the majestic sense of Halong bay in sunset time.. Moreover, tour guide will lead you to visit the floating village on the bay to know more about the culture and life of fishermans living there. An important thing when you do the kayak halong kayaking.jpgis you should take care of  your phone, your camera because it is easy for them to get wet. For safety, our tour guide always advices you to wear life vest carefully and we always follow you to avoid bad cases. Anyway, it is still an adventure activity so we just encourage the good health tourists join this activity for their own  safety.

Most tourists come to  Halong bay want to do kayaking. If you take 1 or 2 days tour,  time for kayaking will be 45 min -1 hour. If you want to have much time for kayaking, then you should join the to 3 days 2 nights tour and sleeping on the boat. You will have whole second day to do kayak in areas with less tourists, quiet and beautiful. You will have plenty of time to explore the beauty of Halong bay by yourself. You'll weave through each ravines, caves to admire the beauty of its interior. You will have the opportunity to explore the cave that can be accessed only by kayak.
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Great places to kayak you are:
  • Halong Bahang fishing village and Three caves area
  • Halong Bo Nau cave area
  • Halong Luon cave area
  • Horse saddle to Fairy lake cave and Male cave
  • Dark and Bright cave area
  • Three peach beach area
  • Three lake area
  • Vung Vieng fishing village in Baitulong bay
  • Van Gia fishing village in Lan Ha Bay

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Frequently Questions and Answers
Frequently Questions and Answers
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